My heart sank when they passed me that familiar little package which included instructions to ‘decorate the template provided’ with my son as the next term homework assignment! I know…It’s designed to help us learn/ create together etc. It makes me sound like an awful mother but the thought of doing art and craft with an disinterested 2 1/2 year old boy filled me with dread for 2 reasons.

  1. My son has an extremely short attention span and will get bored after a minute and want to play with his trains. Leaving me to conjure up something good that looks like ‘we did it together’.
  1. And more to the point , I am not very good with thinking up the most creative way of decorating a fish or a forest animal with bits and pieces from the recycling we have collected that week! It’s just not in my skill set!

Now if my sister received these tasks, she would have the glue and stickers out creating the perfect piece of art before you can say Mister Maker. Why? Because her brain is wired like that, she loves it, she is excellent at it and is super creative!

Driving home from playgroup that day with this delightful bag of homework, I realised that some of my clients or potential clients may have a similar feeling of dread when their tax return is due. And they probably put off organising their expenses and mileage until the very very last minute. The thought of paying an accountant to do it all is very appealing but they may be so out of date, it might cost them a fortune.

That’s where I come in! I would like nothing more than to pick up your receipts, put them into date order and present them back to you along with a spreadsheet of happiness. (That is an organised spreadsheet of all your expenses in date order). I have called this service, The Accountants Friend Package. More info can be found here:

How does that sound? If this is something you would like me to do, please get in touch on 07872006427 or and we will arrange a convenient time to collect these receipts from you and get them organised.