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It’s been said that Summer bodies are created in Winter, well…Now is the time to review your business for the year, what worked in in the past, what didn’t, what didn’t you even get to touch…and most importantly which SYSTEMS are you using that are serving you and providing a return on investment (ROI) and which are not!



Do you want to be FREE from the overwhelm, get out from behind your desk and LIVE the life you created in your vision board? 


I get it.  You started your business many years ago and have established yourself as the go-to expert and you are killing it!

BUT you are  STILL working LONG HOURS and manually doing more because those systems you started with were cheap and now inefficient. 

The service you offer to your clients is life-changing but the systems you have in place don’t cut the mustard.

How easy is it for your ideal client to buy from you?


Think about it for a sec…..From the moment they set eyes on you, to how they are onboarded as a client, to working with you time and time again, and THEN referring other clients to you (because that’s how good you are).

 Is your process seamless?


Easy to Navigate?

  Could it be better?  

It's time to refine your systems and get your business working for YOU!

Introducing the Business Efficiency Audit

Your Business Efficiency Audit

$ 250
  • Receive a bespoke audit template
  • Have a dedicated call with me to dive deep into what systems you have set up right now.
  • Have a clear picture of what systems are serving your clients, your business and YOU now and where efficiencies can be made.
  • Make your money back by cancelling the software that is no longer serving you

Sound good?

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Hi there, I’m Jackie. A Business Automation Expert who helps businesses to grow their online service based business by implementing systems to streamline their processes and customer journey.

After years of working on back-end systems and business automation to facilitate the perfect customer journey, I created this process to help my clients peel back the layers of all the systems they have adopted over the years and get serious about which ones are actually delivering the outcome they should
I have worked with so many women who have adopted free and paid for programmes, services, platforms and apps that are all designed to give us the outcome we want but find themselves overwhelmed, not using all of them.  

Some may not even be in control of how many systems
 they really have floating in the background!

NOW is the time to deep dive and regain control of your business, your systems and your FREEDOM!

Hear from the wonderful women I have worked with:

It is always a pleasure working with you. A massive thank you for all the amazing help you've provided with automation and techy setups!
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