Step Aside & Rise

21 extraordinary stories of everyday women (Like Me!) who found themselves lost in their lives and stuck in their businesses

I am honoured to be part of this incredible collaboration project.

I work behind the scenes to support women to grow their businesses. The opportunity to be part of this book was perfectly timed as I wanted to step out from behind my clients and show other women that building a business and a life that you dream of on YOUR OWN TERMS is possible no matter how uncomfortable it may be. AND You don’t need to do it on your own.’

By allowing themselves to Step Aside & Rise, we have created a new emotional and financial legacy for ourselves, our families, and those who came before and after us.

These women each worked through their limiting beliefs, reclaimed their identity, and broke the patterns of behavior that were holding them back from aligned success in their lives and business.

20 wonderful women and I have courageously shared our stories in this collaboration.

Be inspired as you read how we got out of our own way, and know that if we can do it, you can too.

It’s time to rise!

21 Inspirational Stories of Female Business Owners Who Got Out of their Own Way and Stopped Playing Small in their Lives and their Business.

More About My Chapter

By Jackie Van Baren 

“Can I just stop you right there, Jax?” he said.

“Courage over comfort.”

Some hardcore Brene Brown fans may recognise this phrase, I hadn’t come across it before. This is what my brother Scott said to me when I was moaning about how hard it ‘all’ felt and how it was like Groundhog day every single day. I knew the life that I wanted and I had the power to change it, but I was stuck and scared. It was the beginning of 2021 and we were in our second lockdown in Wales with no end in sight. 

He said it again…”courage over comfort.”

Click! The penny dropped. I realised I have a choice to find the life that I want …there is always a way, and where I was right now, was not where I would be for my whole life.  My life, my choice, but a fair amount of discomfort and changes were needed to get to the life I had on my vision board.

I called time on our life in a small town in South Wales and travelled with my young family to the other side of the world with no firm arrangements in place, during a global pandemic. Taking one step at a time.

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