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Hi, I'm Jackie Van Baren. My team and I are Tech and Automations Specialists for Coaches, Course Creators and Consultants.

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You are a successful businesswoman with a fabulous idea for a course. You are also super busy running your business and your life! You don’t have time to learn the new tech and skills you need to launch your course. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone put the right tools and systems in place for you to hit the ground running?


A successful entrepreneur with a dream of an automated business. 


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Jackie and the team at JVB Connect helps business owners like you digitise and automate their business and set up their new digital courses up so that they are running seamlessly and effectively.

Avoid the time and energy drain of doing it all yourself. Jackie Van Baren and her team of experts help launch lucrative workshops and classes by selecting and setting up the best tools for the job. Their knowledge and experience save you time, energy and money.

7 Elements of a Successful Online Course

Cut through the overwhelm and feel supported every step of the way.

How do I create a wildly successful
online course?

Start with a brilliant idea.

But you’ve got that. You spotted a gap in the market for a course lots of people want and need PLUS you know how to fill it. You’re full of excitement about your project. Let’s go!

Step One:
Create your course plan

Choose the learning points for each module of your syllabus and decide how to deliver them.

Getting these details right can make or break an online course. It takes time and effort to create high quality material that customers will pay for.

As a successful businesswoman, your time is limited so let yourself focus on perfecting your content, not managing the back end.

Course Material Considerations

How will you teach your learners?

  • Written content
  • Audio
  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • Video

How will your learner assess their progress at the end of the module and at the end of the course?

  • Multiple choice quiz
  • Written assessment
  • No assessment
  • Something else

Spend your time wisely by bringing in an experienced digital project manager like me – Jackie Van Baren. My team and I will get you started with the best tools and systems to create your material and shape your course.

Launch Quickly, Launch Well with JVB Connect

I have created my syllabus. What else do I need to create an online course?

You need to host your course, create your material, market your course, manage your course and take payments from customers when they decide to buy. That is a long list of tech and tools to sign up for!

How do I know which tech is best for my course?

  • course platform
  • video hosting
  • email marketing
  • project management tool
  • payment processor

We’ve got this. JVB Connect has worked with a wide range of tech services and providers for every stage of creating a digital course. We can help you choose and set up the most appropriate tools for each element you need.

How do I get people to sign up for my course?

An online sales funnel takes people from casual visitor to committed buyer.

A simple Google search will deliver a wealth of providers to choose from for your sales funnel and email marketing. And I promise you want to use them. You will save a tonne of time and effort by integrating and automating your processes.

The problem is that setting up these automations and processes can be really confusing. If you pick the wrong technology, you might have to start all over again. You can waste a lot of time and money if you don’t know exactly what you need.

Launch Quickly, Launch Well with
JVB Connect

JVB Connect helps you launch your course right first time.

We will be by your side to:

  • Free you up to create your content and work in your zone of genius
  • Scale our services around your needs
  • Set you up online, show you how to use it all, and start you off.

So, are you ready to get your course out there?

Do you want to hit the ground running?

Do you want to LOVE running your business?

Launch Quickly, Launch Well with JVB Connect

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