Build your online visibility with our Lead Magnet Magic

Ready to ignite your online visibility?

As a service-based business owner with a desire to grow your business, I know you and have an idea or two on how to do what you do best.

The challenge? Gaining traction and building online visibility with an audience who loves what you do and needs what you sell. 

The solution always starts with sharing valuable snippets of what you know… A.K.A your high-value lead magnet.

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That’s where I come in

My experienced team and I will help you establish yourself as an industry leader.

From your first landing page to your last email sequence, my team and I will collaborate with you to create high-quality opportunities to build trust and rapport with your ideal audience. 

We’ll support you to create a lead magnet experience that looks, sounds and feels exactly like your business.

How Lead Magnet Magic works…

Once we’ve collaborated on the overall strategy, and you’ve provided your first draft for the lead magnet content, we’ll get to work!
  1. The team will create a lead magnet template based on your branding

  2. A landing page and thank you page will be created to match

  3. We’ll do the back-end work to ensure there’s an effortless flow from start to finish

  4. We’ll send your content to our messaging strategist for final checks

  5. Once any final polish is applied, we’ll set up your email sequence

  6. It’s time to release the magic and welcome new leads into your universe

What is involved in this magic solution for audience growth?

Building an email list is the key to bringing the right customers into your business that you can nurture. As tech specialists we will make sure your lead attraction systems are set up successfully and this is the best starting point.

  • Lead Magnet Magic

    Book me in to talk it all through

    from $AUD2500+gst


    • 60 Minute Initial Briefing
    • 1 x Landing Page
    • 1 x Thank You Page
    • 4 Email Welcome Sequence
    • 1 x Downloadable Worksheet / Checklist Lead Magnet
    • Email Marketing Platform Optimisation / Establishment
    • Grammar and Strategy Oversight From Experienced Messaging Strategist

I can't praise her enough

Jackie is simply wonderful - I can't praise her enough, I literally wouldn't be where I am in my business without her. She's a YES person which I love, she has grown with me as my business has grown and I trust her implicitly. If you're thinking about hiring her - don't hesitate - just do it!

Andrea Callanan