13501748_537483816440756_6131075604909544143_nHello! My name is Jackie and I am the founder of JVB Connect. I am passionate about providing a high quality Virtual Assistant service and giving entrepreneurs the gift of time, enabling them to focus on their business, their families and their long term goals. I get great satisfaction out of a job done well; exceptionally well! I am a naturally methodical and resourceful person with a keen eye for detail; I enjoy the opportunity to put these organisation skills to good use. I am an excellent communicator and listen carefully to my clients to deliver exactly what they need. Prior to starting JVB Connect, my work experience has been in the following fields;

  • Marketing
  • Social media management
  • Networking
  • Account management
  • Office management
  • Relationship management
  • IT sales
  • Events
  • Customer services

I started JVB Connect in 2014 after having my first child. Now the mother of two, having a business that I love while working around the needs of my family is ideal.

I have personally invited experienced professionals to join our team so that we are able to offer additional services to our clients. Social Media Management, Bookkeeping, Graphic Design and Copy Writing Services are now available at JVB Connect.

JVB Connect is based in South Wales but due to the remote nature of our work, location is no barrier. We are extremely flexible in our approach which benefits all of our clients.

One of the most rewarding aspects of JVB Connect is the opportunity to build positive relationships. We are friendly and approachable and by offering a personalised service, we can directly see the benefits that a business experiences when they hire our team.  This gives me enormous job satisfaction and keeps me motivated!