Streamline Your Pay It Forward Referrals

Are you tired of manual follow-ups after your Bx meeting?

Looking for a way to save time and take your relationship building to the next level?

I have process that will take away the hassle of fulfilling, tracking and managing your networking follow-ups and making it easier to make that initial contact you agreed to make. 

Unlock Effortless Networking with Streamlined Pay It Forward Follow Ups!

Now is the moment to leverage your networking for maximum impact! 

I have designed a process that allows you to cultivate genuine relationships whilst growing your business. 

I believe in adding value to your business and not adding technology overwhelm. It’s about keeping it simple.

Pay It Forward Magic is a personalised process for your business that allows you:

  • To take those referral requests you made in your networking introduction.
  • Input the name and email address into a system that you have easily accessible on your phone.
  • Automatically send a thank you email with your details, your referral request and how people can book into your calendar to speak with you.  

And you can do this before you even leave the meeting!

Do you want to be FREE from the overwhelm of the pay it forward slips piling up on your desk?

I get it.  You started your business many years ago and have established yourself as the go-to expert and you are killing it!

You absolutely love networking BUT the follow up after the meeting takes hours and the pay it forward slips are piling up!

There is an easier way to build those relationships that is not writing personal emails to every referral partner you meet! 

I Will Help You Automate Your Referral Process Today!

jvb connect tools

Make a good impression on your referral partners and do what you promised you would do at the meeting.... Make the introduction!

Automate Your Pay It Forward Requests

Pay It Forward Magic

$ 275*
  • You receive the template to help you write your personalised email.
  • I take your email marketing platform login details and create magic.
  • You receive instructions from me on how your personalised system works.
  • You attend your next networking meeting organised and ready to make the best impression.

*This includes gst.

Sound good?

Let's Get You Booked In!

Hi there, I’m Jackie. A Business Automation Consultant who helps businesses to grow their online service based business by implementing systems to streamline their processes and customer journey.

I created this process because I felt stressed out with following up on all the referral opportunities I was presented with at networking events and I wanted to make it easier for those people who want to build their business and deepen their connection within the networking community. 

By sending a timely thank you for the referral partner request shows what a true professional you are , builds rapport with your network and tracks your progress.  Plus if you use this system, you will be stand out from your competition.

NOW is the time to save your precious time, regain control of your referrals, your networking and your FREEDOM!

Hear from the wonderful people who have implemented the process!

Pay It Forward Magic has completely transformed the way I approach networking. This incredible tool has allowed me to effortlessly complete my pay it forwards before the end of any meeting, regardless of my other responsibilities. The efficiency and ease of use of Pay It Forward Magic is unparalleled, and it has become an invaluable asset in my networking routine.
Troy Panui
Shoebox Books and Tax (Burleigh and Springwood)
Thank you for sorting the automation out for me. It’s greatly appreciated and has already resulted in my desk being so much clearer because I’ve scanned and shredded them already.
Gayle McKew
Prosperity Planning

Get ahead of the silly season and be prepared for the year ahead. These are the next steps:

Sign Up using the link below

Send in your personalised email based on the provided template and share login details.*

Receive your Magic process from the team within 48 hours of payment and receipt of login details and personalised email.*

Convert Your Referral Requests into automated yet personalised thank you emails that can be actioned immediately.

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